Q: I can’t find the product I am looking for on your website, how can I find out if you sell this item?

A: Right now, A.C. Moore is committed to providing a top-notch in-store experience and does not currently offer online shopping or product search. Please contact any of our store locations to speak to one of our friendly team members about inventory of the item you are looking for! Meanwhile, please continue visiting our website for inspiration, project ideas, and current promotions.

Q: How do I make Tax Exempt purchases at A.C. Moore?

A: Please visit your local A.C. Moore location to sign up for an A.C. Moore Tax Exempt card. Once you have signed up in the store, your Tax Exempt Card will be registered at our Corporate Office and mailed out to you for use whenever you make purchases at our stores. A.C. Moore Tax Exempt Cards are issued to organizations and individuals who present valid state issued certificates exempting purchases from state tax. State tax exemptions are only valid in the state issuing the certificate.

Q: How do I place a special order for items sold at A.C. Moore?

A: You can place a special order with our friendly team members at any of our store locations. See the customer service desk for more information or to place an order.

Q: Do you have a Military Discount?

A: Yes! A.C. Moore is proud to support the women and men serving our country by offering a 15% discount when you present your military ID. More information is available here.

Q: Do you have a Teacher Discount?

A: Yes! Teachers save 15% every time they shop with A.C. Moore. Be sure to bring along teacher identification to receive your discount. Learn more

Q: What is your coupon policy?

A: Our corporate coupon policy is one coupon, per customer, per day. Coupons are not valid at outlet or liquidation stores. A.C. Moore extends additional opportunities to save and create your own sale on non-sale product, via barcoded coupons offered in our brochures, email blasts, on-line, at ACMoore.com, or in the A.C. Moore mobile app. See coupon for specific exclusions.

Q: Does A.C. Moore match competitors’ offers?

A: A.C. Moore will match a single item percent off coupon (following the same exclusions as the A.C. Moore discounting practices) with proof in the form of the actual ad or coupon from a direct competitor. We will also match prices for an advertised sale item with a current advertisement presented for the same item, excluding percentage off offers. However, we do not match percent off entire transactions or categories, and we do not match online shopping prices.

Q: What is your return policy?

A: Generally speaking, most items may be returned with a receipt for a full refund within 60 days of purchase. Rewards members are eligible for receipt-less returns with their A.C. Moore Rewards card. More details about the A.C. Moore return policy are available here.

Q: How do “receipt-less” returns work?

A: A.C. Moore Rewards members may return items without a receipt within 60 days of purchase by presenting their A.C. Moore Rewards card. See our return policy for more information.

Additionally, A.C. Moore Rewards members can view and store receipts and transaction history by logging into the A.C. Moore mobile app.



Q: I have not received my Rewards Certificate(s). When will I receive my Rewards?

A: During the first week of each month, A.C. Moore identifies A.C. Moore Rewards members who have earned Rewards Certificates during the past month. If you have earned a certificate, you will receive an email notification that your Rewards are on the way! Rewards Certificates are mailed between the 15th and 30th of each month. If you’re expecting a certificate that hasn’t arrived, please contact us. Provide the information below with your message:

  • 16 digit Rewards Card Number and/or 12 digit Customer Number
  • First and last name
  • Full mailing address: (Street, Apartment/Suite/Unit, City, State, and Zip Code)
  • Phone number
  • Want to receive a special Birthday Coupon? Include your date of birth and we’ll update your account to help you celebrate!

Q: How do I update my e-mail address, mailing address and/or telephone number?

A: Once you have signed into your Rewards account, all of your contact information can be modified from the “My Rewards Profile” tab. Select “My Rewards Profile,” update your information in the profile and select Save Profile.


Q: How do I know how many pinwheel points I have?

A: Quickly view your points balance by logging into the A.C. Moore mobile app, available for Apple and Android devices. Or, log into your account on acmoore.com, where your pinwheel points balance will be displayed in the Account Dashboard.


Q: How can I have a purchase credited to my Rewards account?

A: If you have a transaction for which you would like to receive Rewards credit, please Contact Us with the information below. If our Customer Service team adds the transaction credit, you will be notified via e-mail.

Transaction credit information:

  • 16 digit Rewards Card Number and/or 12 digit Customer Number
  • First and last name
  • 19-digit receipt code (under barcode on front of receipt)

Q: I signed up for A.C. Moore Rewards in my store, but I cannot complete the online registration. What’s going on?

A: If the card was scanned and you provided your email address at the register, you will receive an email within 48 hours after signing up with a link that will allow you to register your account. Click on the link in the email to complete your registration:

  • You will be taken to a secure link on acmoore.com
  • Your email address and member number will be pre-populated
  • Choose a password
  • Agree to the Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy
  • Click Register

You will now be registered as an A.C. Moore Rewards Member, and taken to your account!

If you do not receive the email or you did not provide an e-mail address and/or your information at the register please Contact Us with the information below:

  • 16 digit Rewards Card Number and/or 12 digit Customer Number
  • First and last name
  • Full mailing address: (Street, Apartment/Suite/Unit, City, State, and Zip Code)
  • Phone number
  • Want to receive a Special Birthday Coupon? You can also include your date of birth and we’ll update your account to help you celebrate!

You may also complete your registration in the A.C. Moore mobile app. After installing the app on your Apple or Android device, click on “Me” and then follow the prompts to complete registration.

Q: When do my pinwheel points expire?

A: If you were an A.C. Moore Rewards member prior to October 1st, your pinwheel points will be reset in February. There is no limit to the number of pinwheel points you can accumulate in a calendar year, and you will receive Rewards Certificates every time your balance reaches 2,000 points. After eligible pinwheel points are converted into Rewards Certificates during the first week of February, any remaining points will expire and be reset to zero.


Q: Will A.C. Moore make a donation to my charitable program?

A: Ensuring excellence in customer care is a top priority for our entire organization. Due to the high volume of requests for donations and sponsorships, we are not able to grant individual monetary or product donations at this time.

For this reason, we developed Crafting a Better World to support national charitable organizations. It’s designed to give crafters a way to give back to their communities by doing what they enjoy most – crafting! We have joined in partnerships with national organizations to benefit the communities served by A.C. Moore stores through collections, donations and awareness-building.

Current partners include: Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation, American Cancer Society, Easterseals, Fresh Artists, the Marine Corps Reserve Toys for Tots Program, and World Vision’s Knit for Kids, among others.

Q: Can I host a school fundraiser at A.C. Moore?

Yes! A.C. Moore is pleased to offer schools and other non-profit organizations an in-store opportunity to Fundraise with A.C. Moore. See the General Manager of your A.C. Moore store location to begin planning your event today



Q: How do I get coupons on my phone?

A.C. Moore offers two convenient ways to receive offers on your mobile device: the A.C. Moore mobile app (for Apple and Android devices) and A.C. Moore Alerts, compatible with any smartphone.

Q: How do I log into the mobile app?

A: Download and install the free A.C. Moore mobile app on your Apple or Android device. Click on “Me” and you’ll be prompted to log in. Use the same email and password that you use to log into your account on acmoore.com. If you do not have an account, or you want to complete a registration started in store (or if you forgot your password!) simply follow the prompts from the login screen.

Q: My recent activity isn’t showing up in the app. Help!

A: Please allow up to 48 hours for transactions and pinwheel points to show up in the app. You can also troubleshoot by logging out of the app, closing it, and then logging back in. If you are still having trouble accessing your account activity, please contact Customer Service.

Q: What is the A.C. Moore Alerts program?

A: The A.C. Moore Alerts mobile messaging program allows customers to sign up to receive coupons, product news, and other updates from A.C. Moore via text message. When you join the program, you’ll receive an immediate coupon for 20% off a total regular price purchase.

Q: What can I expect if I join the A.C. Moore Alerts program?

A: You can expect to receive up to 10 autodialed marketing messages per month from A.C. Moore. Message and data rates may apply, depending on your carrier and service contract. Your carrier may or may not charge standard messaging rates to deliver A.C. Moore messages.

Q: How can I join the A.C. Moore Alerts program?

A: Join the A.C. Moore Alerts program one of two ways:

  1. Text ACMCRAFTS to 40679
  2. Visit the acmoore.com coupons page (www.acmoore.com/coupons), and select at least one coupon to “Send to Phone.”  Upon sending a selected coupon to phone, you’ll be invited to check the box to sign up to receive future coupons and alerts.  Enter your mobile number, check the box, and click “Send.”

You will then receive a text message prompting you to reply with your email address.  After providing a valid email address, you will receive a confirmation message and your welcome offer for 20% off a total regular price purchase.

Q: Do I have to opt in to the SMS program in order to receive coupons on my phone?

A: No. You can receive coupons on your phone on an as-needed basis from the A.C. Moore Coupons page (www.acmoore.com/coupons). Simply choose the desired offers and click “Send to Phone.” You’ll receive a text message with a link to retrieve the selected coupons. You will also receive a second message with an invitation to opt in for future offers, but we do not require a reply if you do not want to join A.C. Moore Alerts on an ongoing basis.

Q: How can I opt-out of the A.C. Moore Text Alerts program?

A: To opt-out of the program (and stop the receipt of future text messages), text STOP to 40679.  Once you text “STOP,” you will receive the following message:  “You have unsubscribed from this program and will no longer receive messages. Questions? Call 1-888-ACMOORE or email CustomerService@acmoore.com”.  Upon receiving this message, no further action is required; you have been successfully removed from the program.