Plaid Mod Podge Kids' Table Turkey Centerpiece

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by Julie Lewis, Plaid

Plaid Mod Podge Kids' Table Turkey Centerpiece

Dress up the kids' table at Thanksgiving this year with a whimsical and crafty turkey.

Create your own, snap a picture, and share using #ACMooreInspired.

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Project Details

  • Level:beginner
  • Time:an hour + dry time

Project Instructions

  • 1


    • Cut newspaper into small squares. Insert a dowel rod or pencil into Smoothfoam ball and apply squares to the ball with Mod Podge. Let dry and seal with several coats.

  • 2


    • Cut approximately 1’’" off of one end of a few craft sticks. Trace the sticks onto the backs of cardstock and cut out. Use Mod Podge to apply the cardstock to the sticks. Let dry and seal with additional coats.

    • Glue craft sticks aligned in a half circle to one 3"” wood circle/disc. Cut the ends of another craft stick approximately 1" and ½"’’ and glue at angles under the already glued sticks. Glue a second 3”" circle/disc over craft sticks to sandwich them.

    • Glue the craft stick feathers to the backside of the Smoothfoam ball.

  • 3


    • Cut a small diamond shape out of yellow felt, fold it in half and secure with glue. Cut a small teardrop shape out of tangerine felt and glue it to the yellow diamond.

    • Glue the yellow diamond to the brown pom pom, and then google eyes to the pom pom, and then glue the head to the foam ball over the hole made by the dowel.

  • 4


    • Twist chenille stems into feet and glue to bottom of Smoothfoam ball.

Project Details

  • Level:beginner
  • Time:an hour + dry time

Project Supplies

  • • Smooth Foam 4" Ball; Plaid Mod Podge Waterbase Sealer Glue and Finish Gloss
  • • Small Wiggle Eyes; Large Brown Pom Pom; 3" Wood Disc/Circle; Jumbo Wood Craft Sticks
  • • Assorted Pieces of Solid & Patterned Cardstock; Orange & Purple Chenille Stems; CPE New Image Group 9" x 12" Felt Sheets in Tangerine & Purple
  • • Glue; Scissors; 1/2" Flat Paintbrush; Newspapers; Foam Plate or Palette; Ruler; Paper Towels & Water Basin