Wilton Up on the Housetop Santa Belt Brownies

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by Wilton Design Team

Wilton Up on the Housetop Santa Belt Brownies

Oh no! It looks like Santa is stuck. Maybe he spent a little too much time filling up on sweets and treats from Wilton. Recreate this funny scene in delicious brownie form with a few of your favorite baking supplies.

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Project Details

  • Level:intermediate
  • Time:several hours

Project Instructions

  • 1

    Bake Brownies

    Bake and cool brownies following recipe instructions; trim ends.

    Cut into 18 to 20 pieces, roughly 2'' x 2 1/4'' each.

    Bake Cookies

    Prepare cookie dough following recipe instructions.

    Using C cutter, cut out cookies.

    Bake and cool cookies

  • 2

    Make Royal Icing

    Make royal icing following instructions on meringue powder package.

    Tint 1 cup icing red and reserve remaining.

  • 3

    Decorate Cookies

    Cut 1/2'' off off bottom of cookie. Use red icing and spatula to ice cookies.

    Immediately position Santa belt above cut edge into wet icing. Let dry 3 to 4 hours.

    Prep Decorations

    Cut candy canes into 2 1/2'' sticks (2 per cookie).

    Cut 1/4'' off rounded top of black spice drop. Cut rounded piece in half for Santa's shoes (2 per cookie).

    Cut lollipop sticks to 3''.

  • 4

    Assemble Cookies

    Melt candy following package instructions. Transfer to decorating bag; cut a small hole in tip of bag and turn cookies over

    Using the melted candy, attach lollipops sticks to back of cookies, leaving 2'' for insertion, and candy canes to top of cookie, positioning at slight angles.

    Chill 10 to 15 minutes or until set.

    Use melted candy to attach belt buckle to belt and spice drop candies to candy canes.

    Let set about 10 to 15 minutes.

    Assemble Treats

    Prepare decorating bag with remaining white icing and tip 2.

    Pipe bricks on top and side of each brownie. Let dry 20 to 30 minutes.

    Insert lollipop stick with cookie into center of short end of brownie and stand upright.

Project Details

  • Level:intermediate
  • Time:several hours

Project Supplies

  • • 9'' x 13'' Performance Pans Sheet Pan; 10'' x 16'' Cooling Grid; Round Fondant Double Cut-Outs Set (C cutter used); 4'' Lollipop Sticks
  • • 2 Ounces Dark Cocoa Candy Melts; Jumbo Black Spice Drops; Santa Belt Decorating Kit; Round Decorating Tip 2; Disposable Decorating Bags
  • • Meringue Powder; Christmas Red Icing Color; Candy Canes; 9'' Angled Spatula
  • • Your Favorite Brownie Mix and Roll Out Cookie Dough Mix or Recipes; Knife; Ruler