DIY Decorative Winter Lantern

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by Ginny Lowe, A.C. Moore Craftologist

DIY Decorative Winter Lantern

Decorate any lantern for the season with just the right mix of winter floral, accents, creativity, and supplies from your neighborhood A.C. Moore.

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Project Details

  • Level:beginner
  • Time:1 hour

Project Instructions

  • 1

    Hot glue pine and holly to the top of the lantern.

  • 2

    Hot glue Styrofoam disc to wood slice. Use a small amount of glue to secure greenery and accents inside lantern.

    Place the wood slice inside lantern. Cut the stem of the pine in pieces and insert into Styrofoam; insert holly as well.

    Hot glue the cardinal to the Styrofoam and add mini pine cones.

  • 3

    Begin laying light strand inside of lantern, around the pine and holly. Bring it out the bottom of the door.

    Cut 1'' pieces of duct tape and secure the strand.

    Work remaining lights up towards the top of the arrangement, taping where necessary, and finish by securing battery pack behind lantern.

  • 4

    Cut a 36'' length of ribbon and fold back and forth to create a double flat bow with layers, measuring 8'' across. Cut off any excess.

    Wire streamers to the center of the bow to secure, and glue holly to cover.

    Cut two 10'' pieces of ribbon. Pinch ends and glue to the top of the lantern. Glue ribbon in spots to create ruffling effect on the lantern's sides.

  • 5

    Brush snow accents onto the front and sides of lantern.

Project Details

  • Level:beginner
  • Time:1 hour

Project Supplies

  • • 16'' Black Metal Lantern; Red Decorative Cardinal; Birch Ornament Slice; 3'' Stryofoam Disc
  • • Snowy Pine Stem; Holly Stem With Berries; Mini Pinecones; Snowflakes; Duncan Snow Accents; • 2 1/2'' Printed Music Ribbon; Starlight LED Light Set; Black Duct Tape; Quick Grip Glue; Hot Glue & Glue Gun