Unicorn Crown Headband

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by Angela Son, A.C. Moore Craftologist

Unicorn Crown Headband

Grab the reins of your creativity and unleash a little magic with this DIY floral and tulle unicorn crown. Catch it while you can; for Halloween or whenever you need to show the world your one-of-a-kind spirit.

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Project Details

  • Level:intermediate
  • Time:1 hour

Project Instructions

  • 1

    Cut roughly 5'' off the top of Styrofoam cone, TIP: Make tip more pointed by using another piece of foam to shave and shape tip.

    Place cone onto felt and wrap to cover. Cut off excess felt and glue to secure.

  • 2

    Using paintbrush, apply iridescent glitter glue to the cone and let dry.

    Wrap ribbon around cone from tip to base. Glue to secure.

  • 3

    Apply hot glue to the center of headband and attach the cone. Hold in place until secure.

    Place a floral pin from the bottom center of the headband into the foam.

  • 4

    Cut four pieces of tulle 18'' each. All together, fold them in half and use a floral pin to attach to the back as a mane.

    Cut two felt triangles in any size you'd like. Make 1/2'' slit in the middle of each triangle and glue ends together to create a curve. Cut two smaller felt triangles and attach to large triangles.

  • 5

    Cut artificial flowers off the stems and glue across the front of headband.

Project Details

  • Level:intermediate
  • Time:1 hour

Project Supplies

  • • White Plastic Headband; Tulle in the Color of Your Choice; Styrofoam Cone; 3/8'' Felt Ribbon
  • • Artificial Flowers; Floral Pins; Wire Cutters
  • • Iridescent Glitter Glue; Paint Brush; Hot Glue and Gun